1. Are you a polite person? 

=> Yes, of course, I’m a courteous person. In any cases, even when someone criticizes me irrationally, in spite of discomfort, I still try to behave in a gentle and pleasant way.
2. Who taught you to be polite?

=> Both my parents and teachers told me how to be sociable and positive with everyone in many different situations.
3. Is it important to be polite?

=> Yes, generally I find it crucial to have politeness in life in order to easily extend relationships/ to easily socialize.
4. What would you do if others are not polite to you?

=>  Well, this is an interesting question. First, if a service provider is rude to me, I must complain about it formally, so they can serve better in the future. Second, when my friends are impolite to me, I will be tolerant of them. Third, if the elderly behave me improperly, I will attempt to keep my positive attitudes towards them.


1. Polite (adj) Lịch sự

2. Politeness (n ) Lịch sự 

3. Courteous (adj) Lịch sự, nhã nhặn 

4. Courteousness (n ) Lịch sự, nhã nhặn

5. Rude (adj) Khiếm nhã, hỗn láo 

6. Rudeness (n ) Khiếm nhã, hỗn láo

7. Criticize (v ) Chỉ trích

8. Irrationally (adv) Vô lý, phi lý

9. Gentle (adj) Cao quý, hòa nhã 

10. Pleasant (adj) Vui vẻ, dễ thương, dịu dàng

11. Extend relationships (v) Mở rộng mối quan hệ 

12. Sociable (adj) Dễ gần, hòa đồng

13. Tolerant (adj) Khoan dung, tha thứ

14. Improper (adj) Không phải phép, không đứng đắn, không phù hợp 

15. Keep my positive attitudes (v) Giữ thái độ tích cực