Trong các chủ đề hay gặp ở bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 1 thì Art không phải là chủ đề quá quen thuộc. Thường thì nó sẽ được lồng ghép vào những chủ đề khác rộng hơn như Hobbies,... Tuy nhiên, chúng ta vẫn cần phải nắm thật chắc từ vựng và những câu hỏi có thể được đề cập đến khi nói đến chủ đề Art.

Hãy tiếp tục theo dõi bài viết dưới đây vì nó sẽ giúp ích cho bạn rất nhiều trong quá trình ôn luyện.

1. Từ vựng về Art

- Still life: A painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects - Tĩnh vật

- To have a passion for: To be enthusiastic about Something - Có niềm đam mê với cái gì đó

- To participate in: To join in - Tham gia

- Cognitive development: The construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem-solving, and decision-making, etc.. - Phát triển nhận thức:

- Think outside the box: Think creatively - Suy nghĩ sáng tạo

- Masterpiece: A work of outstanding artistic skill - Kiệt tác

- Landscape: Scenery, a large area of land - Cảnh quan

- Portrait: A painting, drawing, photograph, or engraving of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders - Chân dung

- Meditation: Psychological treatment to stay calm - Thiền

- To be harmonized: To be well combined - Được hài hòa

- To go through Something: To check Something again - Để kiểm tra lại cái gì đó

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Art

Do you like art? (Why?)

Yes without a shadow of a doubt. I have always learned about art since I was in secondary school. Art is quite an abstract field to many people but in my viewpoint, art is something simple but beautiful and anything can be considered as art. That is the reason why I never take small things in daily life for granted.

- Without a shadow of doubt: không có gì để nghi ngờ

- Abstract: trừu tượng

- In my viewpoint: theo góc nhìn của tôi

- Take something for granted: xem nhẹ, coi thường

How often do you visit art galleries?

Unfortunately, despite my grand passion for art, I rarely go to art galleries. It’s because art exhibitions usually take place in big cities far from my hometown and ticket fees are too expensive for me.

- Grand passion for: niềm đam mê lớn với

- Take place: diễn ra

What kinds of things do you like to draw?

Well, in all fairness, I would probably say nature. Generally, people face difficulty drawing people and there is no exception for me. I am much better at drawing natural scenery than human shapes so most of my paintings are trees, flowers, and animals.  

- Face difficulty doing something: gặp khó khăn

- There is no exception: không có sự ngoại lệ

- Natural scenery: phong cảnh 

What kind of paintings do you like having in your home?

Let me think about that. If I owned a house in the near future, I would definitely hang up my paintings all over my house as if my house was an art gallery. Besides, it will be a great idea if I can afford authentic paintings by well-known artists. This can somehow satisfy my great love for art and painting collection is an ideal hobby as well.

- Hang up: treo lên

- Besides: bên cạnh đó

- Authentic paintings: tranh chính thống

What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?

I think the mediation efficiency worth mentioning first. Colours in some ways reflect our thoughts and emotions very well and somehow stimulate our body to defend against our negativity inside. For me, in particular, I think what’s so interesting about painting is that you have no idea how harmonized colours can become until you actually try.

How often do you visit art galleries?

To tell you the truth, I have never visited art galleries before. Unless I have a guide to acknowledge me, art galleries would be quite boring for me.

What kinds of things do you like to draw?

My main inspiration is Japanese manga. The drawing topic is extremely varied, however only manga seems to show great potency for my level. I have a big collection at home and as I sometimes go through it again, I can see how much I’ve improved.

Is it easy to learn how to draw?

I think I must say it’s even challenging for a lot of people. I absolutely failed when it comes to drawing still life paintings like fruit and flowers. I think for those who succeed in drawing or arts in general, they first must have God-gifted talent, then comes to the long-term commitment to arts that requires extreme practice and high patience.

Hẹn gặp lại các bạn ở những bài học tiếp theo!