1. Từ vựng về Maths

arithmetic: số học - geometry: hình học

statistics: thống kê

algebra: đại số

calculus: phép tính

odd number: số lẻ >< even number: số chẵn

integer: số nguyên

prime number: số nguyên tố

Decimal: thập phân

decimal point: dấu thập phân

fraction: phân số

percent: phần trăm - percentage: tỉ lệ phần trăm

proof: bằng chứng chứng minh

theorem: định lý

problem: bài toán

formula: công thức

solution: lời giải

graph, diagram : biểu đồ

equation: phương trình

average: trung bình

axis: trục

probability: xác suất

correlation: sự tương quan

dimensions: chiều

diameter: đường kính - circumference: chu vi đường tròn - radius: bán kính

perimeter: chu vi - area: diện tích

height: chiều cao - length: chiều dài - width: chiều rộng

angle: góc

right angle: góc vuông

origin : gốc toạ độ

straight line: đường thẳng

line: đường

parallel: song song

curve: đường cong

volume: thể tích

tangent: tiếp tuyến

Equation : phương trình, đẳng thức

Linear equation (hay first degree equation) : phương trình bậc nhất

Quadratic equation : phương trình bậc hai

Root : nghiệm của phương trình

Simplify : đơn giản

Evaluate : ước tính

Express : biểu diễn, biểu thị

Negative : âm >< Positive : dương

Solve : giải

Equality : đẳng thức

Algebraic expression : biểu thức đại số

Intersection : giao điểm

Midpoint : trung điểm

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Maths

Are you good at math?

Not really. I have a more abstract brain, so I'm more suited to subjects like art, literature or music. Math has always been the subject that I dreaded in class. In fact, I even failed Geometry in high school.

Do you like math?

Honestly, I didn't really love Math when I was a kid because I found it extremely tedious and rigid. But when I entered middle school, I gradually found myself more comfortable in Math and often got good marks in this subject and this made me even more passionate about Math.

Do you think females are good at maths?

I'm not sure about this because I don't care if one gender is better than the other in Math. However, I have read that there is a stereotype that women do not tend to think logically like men, so it is possible that this affects their math ability.

At what age did you start studying mathematics?

I don't remember exactly but Math is a compulsory subject in elementary school. All children must learn this complex subject from first grade. So I've been learning simple addition ever since.

Do you like to use a calculator?

Yes, I would love to use computers to make things simpler. It allows me to calculate numbers faster without having to think much. I just need to enter the numbers into the calculator, then the correct answer will show up on the screen.

Who taught you math?

My teachers, with the help of my parents at home. It all starts with very basic equations like “If I take away one of these candies, how many candies are left?”.

When did you start learning math?

I started learning basic arithmetic in first grade, geometry in third grade and algebra in fifth grade. Then we studied statistics in middle school and studied calculus in high school.

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