TV là một trong những thiết bị được chúng ta sử dụng hàng ngày và thường xuyên. Chính vì vậy nên không có gì lạ khi TV trở thành chủ đề hay gặp trong các bài thi IELTS Speaking, đặc biệt là Part 1. Hôm nay, chúng ta hãy cùng ôn tập lại một số từ vựng và câu hỏi liên quan đến chủ đề này nhé. 

1. Từ vựng về TV

couch potato /ˈkaʊtʃ pəˌteɪ.təʊ/ (noun): người nghiện xem tivi

immerse yourself in something /ɪˈmɜːs/ (verb phr.): đắm mình vào đâu

prime time /praɪm/ (unc. noun): giờ vàng

Occasionally adverb/əˈkeɪ.ʒən.əl.i/ = sometimes but not often: thi thoảng

Cinematography noun /ˌsɪn.ə.məˈtɒɡ.rə.fi/ = the art and methods of film photography: kĩ thuật điện ảnh 

Top-notch adjective/ˌtɒpˈnɒtʃ/ = excellent: hảo hạng, tuyệt vời

Talent show noun /ˈtæl.ənt ˌʃəʊ/ = a competition to find the best singer, dancer, or other entertainer that is performed as a show on a stage: các chương trình tài năng

Visually adverb/ˈvɪʒ.u.ə.li/ = relating to seeing or appearance: trực quan

Countless adjective/ˈkaʊnt.ləs/ = very many, or too many to be counted: vô số lần

Like everyone else: giống như những người khác

Strengthen family relationships: tăng cường mối quan hệ gia đình

Current affairs noun /ˌkʌr.ənt əˈfeəz/ = current events = political news about events happening now: tin thời sự

Have a particular liking for = Have a penchant for…cực kì thích cái gì đó

Reality show noun = a television programme about ordinary people who are filmed in real situations: các show truyền hình thực tế 

Mediocrity noun/ˌmiː.diˈɒk.rə.ti/ = the quality of being not very good: sự tầm thường

Documentary noun /ˌdɒk.jəˈmen.tər.i/ = a film or television or radio programme that gives facts and information about a subject: phim tài liệu

Tedious adjective/ˈtiː.di.əs/ = boring: chán 

Tiresome adjective/ˈtaɪə.səm/ = annoying and making you lose patience: mệt mỏi

Tickle sb'sfancy = If something tickles your fancy, you like it and want to have it: khiến mình thích cái gì đó

Penchant noun /ˈpɑ̃ːŋ.ʃɑ̃ːŋ/ = a liking for, an enjoyment of, or a habit of doing something, especially something that other people might not like: thích cái gì đó

Inspiring adjective/ɪnˈspaɪə.rɪŋ/ = encouraging, or making you feel you want to do something: truyền cảm hứng 

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về TV

Do you like watching TV?

Yes, as I’m a couch potato, I can spend hours sitting in front of the screen to watch my favourite programs. It really makes me feel refreshed and all daily stress is set aside when I immerse myself in one specific TV program.

How much time do you spend watching TV?

I’d say all my leisure time is spent on watching TV, nearly 4-5 hours per day. I love lying down on the couch and switching any channels as I want by a remote control. It’s so relaxing and exciting.

When do you usually watch TV?

I watch TV whenever I want, maybe when I’m in a good mood or not. Especially I love watching the programs in prime time because I think they’re really helpful. For example, the News at 7 pm every day provides me with a huge amount of information, ranging from education, entertainment to political issues all over the world.

What types of TV programs do you like watching?

I’m interested in watching TV drama series and reality shows. I feel they are not only useful, but also entertaining and sometimes touching. For example, when I watch one Korean drama series, I usually burst into tears because the plot is emotional and the cast is talented.

Did you watch a lot of TV as a child?

Yes, for sure. You could not imagine how many hours I spent glued to the TV screen back then. As an animal lover, I spent countless hours watching the Discovery channel. The Disney channel with shows such as The Suite life of Jack and Cody or Hannah Montana also fundamental in the beginning of my journey to begin learning English. 

Do you think you will watch more or less TV in the future?

Answer 1: I’m pretty sure I watch less TV. Honestly, I’m much more into foreign imported films or watching interviews on Youtube or even Tedtalk. They are so much more inspiring and entertaining/ fascinating to me. 

Answer 2: It’s difficult to say because I find it almost impossible to visualise my future. But sure, i’d like it if in a few years I have more leisure to spend hanging out at home watching some quality TV. Perhaps, more realistically, I will have even less time than I do now, especially if I have a family but who knows what the future holds. 

Hẹn gặp lại các bạn ở những bài học tiếp theo!