1. Từ vựng về Wallet

Purse (n) /pɜːs/: ví nữ

Wallet (n) /ˈwɒl.ɪt/: ví nam

Phone case wallet: Ví đựng điện thoại

Foldable (a) /ˈfəʊl.də.bəl/: có thể gập được

A Trifold wallet: ví gập làm 3

Bi-fold (a) /ˈbaɪˌfəʊld/: gập đôi

Fashionable (a) /ˈfæʃ.ən.ə.bəl/: thời trang 

Pocket-sized (a) /ˈpɒk.ɪt.saɪzd/: bỏ túi

Breast pocket wallet: Ví (nhiều ngăn)

A crocodile wallet: ví da ca sấu

Precious (a) /ˈpreʃ.əs/: quý giá 

Durable (a) /ˈdjʊərəbl/: bền 

Compartment (n) /kəmˈpɑːt.mənt/: các ngăn 

A thin wallet: ví mỏng 

Stylish (a) /ˈstaɪ.lɪʃ/: thời thượng 

To be made of leather (n) /ˈleð.ər/: làm bằng da

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Wallet

Do you use a wallet?

Yes, I use my wallet every day to hold my credit cards, cash, and any important bills or documents that I need to carry with me wherever I go. Besides, the wallet also helps protect our valuables from getting wet in case of rain.

Have you ever lost a wallet? 

Yes, once, I lost my wallet on the subway. I was in college at the time and was on my way to school. When I got to class, I realized I didn't have a wallet.

Have you ever sent a wallet to someone as a gift?

That's right, I gave my mom a wallet for her 45th birthday. Because she used a wallet for many years. It's very old and the stitches are starting to come loose. I knew she would never buy herself a new wallet unless it was completely unusable. She was very happy when she saw my gift and always carried it with her.

Do most of your friends use a wallet? 

Yes, most of my friends use wallets. Each person will have wallets with different designs and colors depending on their preferences.

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