Hôm nay thời tiết thế nào? Bạn thích thời tiết nào nhất?... là những câu hỏi mà bạn rất hay gặp trong cuộc sống hàng ngày khi giao tiếp với mọi người. Và đây cũng là những câu hỏi mà bạn có thể sẽ gặp nếu như bạn bốc phải chủ đề Weather trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 1. Vậy trả lời thế nào cho hay, vừa ngắn gọn lại vừa ghi được điểm trong mắt giám khảo?

Hãy theo dõi bài viết dưới đây để nắm vững bí quyết "vượt qua" các câu hỏi về chủ đề Weather trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 1 nhé!

1. Từ vựng về Weather

tropical (adj) thuộc vùng nhiệt đới

scorching hot (adj) nóng như lửa đốt

humid (adj) ẩm ướt

frigid (adj) lạnh cóng

pleasant (adj) (nói về thời tiết) dễ chịu

bearable (adj) có thể chịu được

global warming (n) sự nóng lên toàn cầu

unfavorable (adj) không dễ chịu

sweltering (adj) nóng bức

stuffy (adj) ngột ngạt

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Weather

What’s the weather like in your country?

It depends on which part of the country you are referring to. I’m currently living in the North, I would say the weather is a bit comfortable because it has all four seasons but sometimes the weather can also get pretty extreme, especially in the summer when the temperature can reach up to 40 degree celcius due to terrifying drastic heatwaves sweeping across the city.

Which season do you like best?

I’m a big fan of summer I think summer is the best season because all the sport activities or physical activities are at their ultimate level in the summer because you sweat and by sweating your body detoxifies so it’s really good for you, it’s like refreshing although every now and then I might get some serious skin complaints like rash or allergies.

Do you do different things in different weather?

Yeah I surely do. I mean I do a lot of exercises during the summer time. But when it comes to winter, when the weather is bleak, the sky looks so grey and dull and because of the thick cloud cover, I find myself so draggy and completely not productive at all

Would you prefer to live in a place that has the same weather all year, or a place that has four seasons?

I must say that I am lucky to have four seasons to enjoy although the sharp distinction among season is slowly disappearing in the North. It’s kind of boring to me if we have only just one season all year, like the Southern part of Vietnam, the weather is hot all year round and only have two seasons which are rainy season and dry season.

Do you think the weather is more important to people who play sports?

Absolutely yes, especially to people who play outdoor sports are most affected. For instance, thas a significant impact on the performance of athletes. High temperature can cause various heat illnesses such as heat cramps and heatstroke, while very low temperatures may lead to hypothermia.

How is the weather today?

Well, I think today is a lovely day, even though it rained a little bit this morning. When I got out of the house, the weather seemed to brighten up and I hope it will stay like that for the rest of the day.

What’s your favourite kind of weather?

I'm actually not fond of any particular kind of weather, you know. I think every season has its own unique beauty and it's up to us to enjoy it. For example, not many people like the freezing weather in the winter, but I see it as a perfect occasion for me to bundle up and show off my clothes.

What is the climate like in your country?

Vietnam is a tropical country, you know, so the climate here is quite hot and humid. What upsets me the most is that the weather is getting more unpredictable. It can rain dogs and cats in the morning and suddenly clear out in the afternoon.

Does the weather affect people’s lives in your country?

I believe that the weather always affects us in every aspect. If it is a gloomy day, I'm pretty sure everyone will easily get bored or tired of whatever they are doing. In contrast, the sunny days make us feel alive and upbeat.

Do people change in the summer?

It can get sweltering in the summery months, so I think it will exert a certain impact on people's temperament. Everyone becomes less patient than usual, and they often get frustrated and easily get upset over some trivial matters.

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