Sau đây là những từ vựng và một số bài mẫu về "Cách miêu tả người" trong IELTS Speaking Part 2. Mời các bạn tham khảo!

1. Từ vựng về Describe a person

Từ vựng mô tả mũi

Straight nose

Upturned nose

Hooked nose

Button nose 

Từ vựng mô tả mặt

Oval face

Round face

Square face

Từ vựng mô tả môi

Full/ thick/ pouty lips

Red/ rosy lips

Thin lips

Từ vựng về tóc

Curly/ wavy/ straight/ cropped hair

Fair/ dark hair

Turn grey/ gray

Từ vựng liên quan đến vóc dáng

Slim / thin body

Average build

Large / athletic

Stocky build

Hourglass figure.

Từ vựng chỉ tính cách















Optimistic / pessimistic

Trustworthy/ reliable



Self-absorb = self-center


Từ vựng về nước da

Dark complexion

Fair complexion

Olive complexion

Tanned skin

Các cụm từ mô tả tuổi tác và ngoại hình

He/ she is in his/ her early 60’s.

He/ she looks young for his/ her age.

He/ she bears a striking resemblance to / takes after his grandfather.

She/ he maintains her/ his slim figure by doing regular exercises.

He/ she is quite a character.

He/ she has a round face framed by shoulder-length hair.

Alice has a lovely complexion.

He/ she wears clothes that are right for her age.

Manage to look glamorous without it looking like she’s too done up/ dressed up/ dolled up.

I really don’t see the point in getting dressed up to the nines.

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Describe a person

Describe a person you admire. You should say:

- who the person is

- what he or she is like

- and why you admire him or her.

I'm going to talk about my father because he has been a major influence in my life.

My father was always a good role model for me as I was growing up. He's hard-working, patient and understanding; he's also got a good sense of humour and seems to get on well with everybody. Hopefully I've inherited some of these traits.

I admire my father because I think he brought me and my brothers/sisters up well; he was quite strict but always fair, and he has always been someone I can turn to for advice. I think my father set a good example by working hard and having a positive outlook on life. I remember that he used to leave for work early and come home quite late, but he always made time for me and my brothers/sisters.

Describe a person you very close to 

I’m going to talk about Hazel, who is one of my closest friends ever.

Actually, Hazel is her English name; her Vietnamese name is Ly. But I’ll use Hazel because I know she likes that. She’s one year younger than me. We used to live next door, but now we live in the same flat.

I want to talk about Hazel for several reasons.

First, she’s very kind. She’s willing to give others a hand, and she always stands by me whenever I need help. Last year, I had a high fever and had to be hospitalised for a week. She took a week off to take care of me.

Second, she’s a patient person. Unlike me who can get angry very easily, Hazel’s able to stay calm in almost every situation. In terms of being patient, I am learning a lot from her. I remember last week, both of us had to wait for another friend for nearly two hours because he got up late and got stuck in traffic. During those two hours, I kind of lost my temper and constantly complained. I was pacing back and forth, while Hazel was just sitting there reading a book. At first, I was really jealous and wondered why she was so relaxed in that situation, but afterwards, she said to me: ‘You need to learn how to enjoy every minute of your life’. Then, I realised that I was wasting my time doing pointless things, and from that moment, I knew that I needed to learn to control my temper so that I could enjoy little things in life.

I’m so lucky to have a friend like her.

So, if I had to talk about one of my best friends, it would have to be Hazel.

Describe a famous person that you are interested in. You should say:

- Who this person is.

- How you know about this person.

- What this person is famous for.

- Why you are interested in this person.

A famous person who I am really interested in is definitely My Tam. She is the best pop singer in Viet Nam who embarked on her singing career in 1999. The Da Nang-born singer has recently become Vietnam’s first-ever artist to be listed on Billboard’s World Albums chart, after releasing her ninth studio album ‘Tam 9’.

My Tam is my biggest idol because she is a great singer with beautiful voice. Some years ago, I caught a glimpse of her on TV and was immediately hooked by her outstanding performance. I have became her loyal fan since then. I really like the way she sings and the way she expresses the feeling of the song. To my admiration, she has always worked seriously to give high quality music products.

My Tam is beloved for her good personality too. She is known to all her fans for her gregariousness and sense of humour. Besides, she has also devoted her time to organizing free concerts for univeristy students nationwide. Together with her fans and friends, she has been doing a lot of charity activities silently to help the poor, the sick and the homeless people.

Describe a person you like best

Everyone has a person to love. And so do I. To me, that person is my mother. This year, she is nearly 40 years old. My mom is very tall. She has a round face, brown eyes and short hair. To my ways of thinking, she is the most beautiful woman in the world. My mom cooks very well and very hard-working.

She plays badminton well, too. In her free time, she often teaches me maths or surfing the Internet. My mom loves me very much. She can sacrifice everything for me. When I have problems, I always confide to my mom. She encourages and consoles me when I sad or when I got bad marks..

She gives me a present and very happy when I do good work. There is an unforgetable memory that makes me love my mom much more. That night, I had an illness and I felt so sick that I counldn't even stand. My mom spent a sleepless night to take care of me carefully.

She helped me took medicine and fed me gruel. After a night, I felt much more better but my mom was very tired and sleepy. I love my mother very much. I'll try my best to make her happy and always have a smile on her lips.

Describe a person who you spend the most time with. You should say:

- who it is

- when you are usually together

- what you do together

- and explain why you spend the most time with this member of your family

A family member that I would like to spend most of my time with is my sister, who is just a teenager. Even though she is not that gorgeous, she is easy-on-the-eye because she possesses a radiating smile. She has an oval face with long black hair, which I find really attractive. Being a student, she cannot afford to wear brand-name clothes but she knows how to mix and match to create the best outfits.

Even though my sister is a teenager, she’s really thoughtful and caring. She is the one who is always by my side, motivating me to help me go through ups and downs in life. Therefore, whenever I’m in trouble, I would come to talk to her. She’s also an ambitious and clever girl, who always tries her best to reach her goals. Her capacity is not limited to academic knowledge, she has exceptional interpersonal skills. Therefore, she can get well with many people, from classmates to teachers at her high school.

Whenever I am with her, I feel more optimistic and motivated thanks to her energy. I can also learn a lot from her, especially about social skills. That is why I love spending time with my sister.

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