Garden hay Park là những chủ đề rất hay gặp trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2. Bạn có thể bắt gặp những câu hỏi như bạn hay đến công viên nào khi rảnh rỗi? hoặc vườn hoa nào mà bạn thích nhất? Và để chuẩn bị sẵn sàng kiến thức để trả lời cho những câu hỏi đó, các bạn có thể tham khảo bài viết dưới đây của chúng tôi!

1. Từ vựng về Garden/Park

A riot of colour: Miêu tả một nơi nhiều màu sắc

Water lilies: Hoa súng trắng

Striking red: Màu đỏ rực rỡ

Flowerbeds: Thảm hoa

A leisurely stroll: Một cuộc dạo bộ

Wisterias: Hoa tử đằng

Willows: Liễu

A wonderland: Một vùng đất thần tiên

Pull-up bar and parallel bar: xà đơn và xà đôi

Bloom: nở

Feel at ease: cảm thấy yên bình

Street workouts: thể dục đường phố

2. Cue card và bài mẫu thường gặp về Garden/Park

Describe a garden you visited and like. You should say:

- Where the garden is.

- How you felt about it.

- Explain why you like it.

I would like to share with you my impressions of a garden that I visited last summer, which was full of colour and interest: Claude Monet’s house and garden in Giverny, France. 

As a big fan of Monet’s paintings, especially the famous „Water Lilies‟, I had always dreamed of seeing the scene in real life. So, when some friends suggested a visit last year, I jumped at the chance. After a journey of about an hour by train from our hotel, we arrived at Giverny. 

The garden was exactly as he had painted it – it was a riot of colour, from the peaceful white of the water lilies to the striking reds and oranges which filled some of the flowerbeds. The two parts of the garden complemented each other perfectly. We first admired the array of bright flowers and fruit trees in the Clos Normand, but my favourite part was the water garden, and we enjoyed a leisurely stroll, taking in all the colours, perfumes and bird songs. 

Monet avidly collected prints of Japanese gardens, and these inspired the Japanese bridges covered with wisterias, the water lilies in the pond, and the bamboo and weeping willows which he planted. For me, it was like a wonderland of colours and a dream come true after so many years.

Describe a park/garden you like visiting

- Where the park is

- When you visited it

- What the park is like

- And explain why you like visiting it

Today I’d like to tell you about a park that I frequently visit. It’s not too far from my house. Perhaps about 15-minutes’ drive away if the roads are clear.

As for the last time I visited it, if I remember correctly, it was last week. I had to get in a quick workout, so I rode my motorbike to the park at around 2pm. When I arrived, I met a couple of friends who are kind of like my workout partners.

This park is just perfect for working out because it has all the exercise equipment I need like pull-up bars and parallel bars. It’s also surrounded by trees and a wide variety of flowers that bloom in the summer months. It’s even pretty quiet too, so whenever I come here I just feel at ease and I guess you could call it my happy place.

The main reason I absolutely love visiting this park is of course because I do
my workouts here. But actually, it’s not only that. I’ve also met some fantastic people here and we’ve even made our own ‘’team’’. I believe we’ll teach people how to do street workouts in the future and I certainly hope we’ll be doing that at this particular park.

Describe a garden you like to visit often. You should say:

- Where is it?

- What kind of garden is it?

- What do you like most about the garden, and why?

Sure, there's a garden here in Edinburgh that I really love. Well, actually it's more than a garden, it's like a park, It's called Princes Street Gardens and it's very large. Apparently it was created from an old loch, like a lake, which dried up.

It's been there for hundreds of years now and has a lot of trees, plants, flowers and other interesting things like statues, monuments and fountains and stuff like that.

It's a public garden and every day you can see hundreds of people there - some of them are tourists visiting Edinburgh - and others are just walking through the gardens on their way to someplace, or you can often see people sitting having something to eat or drink at one of the cafes.

Just last week I saw several people sitting on some of the benches reading, now that the weather has turned nice again.

I used to go to the gardens a lot when I first arrived here from abroad. I found it very relaxing - so much greenery - in the middle of the capital city.

Now I try to go every couple of weeks to explore a little and learn a bit more about the gardens. I have some favourite places in the gardens, for example, the Ross Fountain, and there are many other monuments and commemorative sites which honor explorers, reformers, and volunteers and people who died in various wars and for various causes throughout history.

It's almost like walking through a history book sometimes. I would love to have enough time to learn about all of them.

But one of the things I like most is that you can always find a quiet place to be by yourself if you go - or you can go to different parts where there are a lot of people all around - there's a lot of variety and you can see, and sometimes even meet, people from all over the world.

I suppose if you were really interested in flowers and trees and things like that it would be a great place to spend some time too.

Flowers don't really interest me, but it's easy to see that there are a lot of different plants and shrubs throughout the gardens.

Personally, I just like going there because there is always something to do and different people to see, and to see how different the gardens look as the seasons change.

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