Chủ đề Handwriting trong IELTS Speaking Part 3 không phải là một chủ đề quá khó. Tuy nhiên, để được giám khảo đánh giá cao, các bạn cần phải trang bị cho bản thân một số kiến thức cơ bản liên quan đến chủ đề này. Hãy đế chúng tôi giúp bạn với bài viết dưới đây nhé!

1. Từ vựng về Handwriting

to jot down: viết xuống giấy

to marginalize: cho ra rìa

crucial (adj) quan trọng

cognitive development (n) phát triển nhận thức

brilliant (adj) = intelligent : thông minh, sáng dạ

neat writing (n) chữ viết ngay ngắn, gọn gàng

unintelligible (adj) khó hiểu

to be of some help: có ích

that’s a pain (idiom) đó là một điều phiền phức

myth (n) điều bí ẩn

to speak volumes: miêu tả điều gì về ai mà không cần dùng lời nói

antiquated (adj) lỗi thời

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Handwriting

Is handwriting still important?

Personally, I believe handwriting is very important for a number of reasons. It is a basic tool in many subjects, such as homework, testing or taking notes. Therefore, poor handwriting skills or illegible writing can cause problems for students to learn. Handwriting can help students remember things better than typing.

Besides, handwriting is closely related to reading skills. It promotes the visual memory of children, especially those who have difficulty reading. Handwriting fluency helps children recognize different letters quickly and helps them improve their reading skills better.

What are the disadvantages of handwriting?

I find that the first and foremost disadvantage of handwriting is that it is hard work and time consuming. When we write a very long text, we will feel sore fingers and take longer to complete than typing.

Besides, we can save all kinds of documents on the computer because they have a huge storage capacity and are extremely safe with passwords. The last thing is that handwriting is linked to learning to spell but spell checking is a function all computers have so handwriting doesn't help with this.

Is it possible to improve school student’s handwriting once they have established a style?

I agree with that. In the short term, it will almost certainly lead to a decrease in students' writing speed. They should constantly practice new writing styles to become faster and more automatic.

Is being left-handed the cause of the problem?

In my opinion, that is not the problem. Most left-handed people write as well as right-handed people do. Many studies also show that left-handed people have more advantages in creativity and imagination because their thinking is different from that of right-handed people. So that's why more and more people are left-handed.

Are handwriting problems more common in boys?

Yes, I believe so. While girls are careful in everything, boys seem to be more careless. Thus, girls seem to master fine handwriting earlier than boys, but boys can catch up with proper instruction.

What is the future of handwriting?

I think the future of handwriting varies from place to place. In large cities, advanced technologies such as laptops or smartphones allow people to quickly take notes and securely save documents. So people will no longer write long-sleeved notes and pen workmanship can be lost.

On the other hand, handwriting is still popular because it helps the poor to write and learn to spell. Besides, as it is often said the pen is more powerful than the keyboard, so I think handwriting will still be used in the future.

Do you think that handwriting express personality?

Yes, I agree. I think everyone has their own writing style, so the way they write also reflects who they are. For example, fast writers show that they are impatient and don't like delays or wasting time, but slower writers are calm and persistent. So having good handwriting is really important to impress others and everyone should practice careful writing.

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