Hôm nay thời tiết thế nào? Bạn thích thời tiết nào nhất?... là những câu hỏi mà bạn rất hay gặp trong cuộc sống hàng ngày khi giao tiếp với mọi người. Và đây cũng là những câu hỏi mà bạn có thể sẽ gặp nếu như bạn bốc phải chủ đề Weather trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 1.

Tuy nhiên, trong Part 3, bạn sẽ bắt gặp những câu hỏi hóc búa và đòi hỏi trình độ tư duy và nhạy bén cao hơn rất nhiều. Chính vì vậy hãy theo dõi bài viết dưới đây để nắm vững bí quyết "vượt qua" các câu hỏi về chủ đề Weather trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 3 nhé!

1. Từ vựng về Weather

tropical (adj) thuộc vùng nhiệt đới

scorching hot (adj) nóng như lửa đốt

humid (adj) ẩm ướt

frigid (adj) lạnh cóng

pleasant (adj) (nói về thời tiết) dễ chịu

bearable (adj) có thể chịu được

global warming (n) sự nóng lên toàn cầu

unfavorable (adj) không dễ chịu

sweltering (adj) nóng bức

stuffy (adj) ngột ngạt

Breeze - Gió nhẹ

Strong winds - Cơn gió mạnh

Drought - Hạn hán

Heat wave - Đợt nóng

Chilly - Lạnh thấu xương

Rainfall - Lượng mưa

It's raining cats and dogs - Trời đang mưa như trút nước

The weather's fine - Trời đẹp

The sun's shining - Trời đang nắng

The sun's just gone in - Mặt trời vừa bị che khuất

The wind's dropped - Gió đã bớt mạnh rồi

That sounds like thunder - Nghe như là sấm

That's lightning - Có chớp

We had a lot of heavy rain this morning - Sáng nay trời mưa to rất lâu

We haven't had any rain for a fortnight - Cả nửa tháng rồi trời không hề mưa

2. Các câu hỏi thường gặp về Weather

What do people wear in different weather?

For me, because I live in the North of Vietnam, and we have four different seasons of the year, people will have a lot of different clothes. For example, in winter, Vietnamese people often wear many long coats, warm sweaters and many different layers at the same time. Since in Vietnam we have a lot of wind and light rain in winter, we tend to wear as much as possible.

However, in the summer, since we are a tropical country, the heat here is quite uncomfortable for those who are not used to or adapt quickly. Vietnamese people tend to wear very little, and sometimes they just wear, like men, they only wear pants outside on hot days. We have a wide range of crop tops, shorts and skirts made from lightweight materials, such as cotton.

But in my opinion, the seasons that people love are actually transitional seasons, which are spring and autumn. During these seasons, you will basically see people wearing different types of clothing. You see summer in some people, you see winter in some and you see colors that are not too cold and not too hot in some people's clothes and it looks very appealing.

How does the weather influence people’s life?

I think weather plays a very important role in how people do their daily work. For example, if it's the weekend and it's raining, I definitely won't go out but just stay home. So obviously the weather has an effect on how I spend my leisure time and what I do during the day. Like if it rains, I won't wash my clothes. But if it's sunny, I'll definitely take all my dirty clothes out to clean.

Weather also affects how we feel. Like for me, I'm especially annoyed and bored when it rains, but I know some people who feel sentimental and relaxed when it rains. So I think it has a huge impact on our lives.

What are people’s opinions on weather forecast?

This question will vary from country to country. I think for places like Vietnam, people usually trust the weather forecast. Like, do you hear complaints when you talk to Vietnamese people. It's like you're bound to hear statements like "I don't understand why they say it's going to rain today, but it's still sunny."

But in general, people still have a lot of faith in weather forecasts, but they also have some doubts about them. At least that's what Vietnamese people think.

Are there any festivals about seasons?

Yes,. In Vietnam we have a Tet holiday to celebrate spring and in many different regions they grow plants or flowers that bloom only seasonally such as they only bloom in one season. As I know there is a festival honoring the time when plum blossoms bloom in a northern part of Vietnam. So there are definitely festivals about the seasons, especially the flower season.

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