The picture illustrates how electricity is converted from the underground energy in a typical geothermal power plant.

In general, it is clear that there are 5 main stages in the energy production, beginning with pumping cold water into the ground and finishing with generating the complete electricity.  

The cold water which is initially stored in a large container is pumped down through a 4.5-kilometer-deep injection well, entering the pipe system underground. Then, the flow goes through a geothermal zone filled by hot rocks and becomes heated water. After that, into the production well comes the current, all ready for the following steps outside.

As the procedure continues, the hot water from the production well is pumped up into the condenser above. It is subsequently turned into warm steam, which then goes to the nearby building for energy production. Here, the turbine the steam makes the turbine rotate, thereby triggers the generator next to it to produce electricity for domestic consumption.