The table and charts illustrate the money of the police in a certain place of the UK in two years: 2017 and 2018.

Overall, the police financial statement experienced a slight increase from three sources over a one year period. In contrast to the proportions of expenditure on technology, buildings, and transport, the figure for salaries witnessed a considerable downturn, but the data was always dramatically higher than others.

In 2017, the government invested 175,5 millions in the police, ranked first in this year, followed by local taxes with 91,2 millions. The money from other sources was by far the least out of three categories, with only 38 millions. One year later, a marginal rise was seen in the amount of money coming.

In 2017, 75% of the police budget was spent on salaries for officers and staff, while the percentages of police budget for buildings and transport, technology were remarkably lower, at 17% and 8% respectively. One year later, the figure for buildings and transport was stable while an insignificant growth was shown in spending on technology. The salaries for officers and staff; however, were  significantly lower than 2017.


- illustrate (v) Miêu tả

- Overall (adv) nhìn chung

- To experience a slight increase: Tăng nhẹ

- In contrast to + N: Trái với

- the proportion of + N: Tỉ phần

- To witness a considerable downturn: Giảm đáng kể

- data (n ) số liệu, dữ liệu

- dramatically higher (adj) cao hơn rất nhiều

- Be ranked first (v) Đứng nhất

- followed by (v) theo sau bởi, đứng sau là

- Be by far the least out of three categories: Ít nhất trong số 3 nhóm

-  a marginal rise was seen in the amount of + N: Một sự giảm nhẹ được chỉ ra trong lượng…

- the percentage of + N: Tỷ lệ phần trăm của

- remarkably lower (adj) thấp hơn nhiều

- the figure for + N: Số liệu

- stable (adj) ổn định

- an insignificant growth was shown in + N: Một sự tăng nhẹ được chỉ ra trong

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